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Name:Interests, Curiosities, and Hobbies
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to share interests, hobbies, and curiosities, learn new things, and have fun.
This is a community for people who are interested in things!

What things? ANY THINGS.

I really wanted a community for DW that offered something other than fandom content. I actually don't dislike fandom, but I have other interests too, and I know I'm not alone! I relied on LJ for interest comms but because I prefer it here I wanted to see a greater variety of communities, and I thought, how silly to wish for one when I could just start one! This is very much an experiment for me, I've never started a community so let's see where we can go with this!

If you like fandom but like other things too, welcome! If you don't like fandom and are sick to the stars of it, welcome! If you are into dogs, or rollerskating, or quantum physics, or ghost stories, or collecting vintage candy recipes, welcome! If you like to read about things you don't necessarily have as a hobby yourself, or you want to meet some people and talk, or you're hoping to get into extreme ironing and want to ask if anyone's done it, welcome!

You can post facts about your fascination with Typhoid Mary, or tell us about your day skydiving. You can post pictures. You can ask for information, feedback, or advice about something you have an interest in. As time goes on there will hopefully be regular events and opportunities to engage and participate, like photo scavenger hunts, creation challenges, and a Best Weird Link contest (this may depend on the amount of interest/users we have wanting to participate, and whether I can get help with management and modding or can keep up with it all myself!). To start there will be a monthly Curio Question to ponder on and a weekly Anything Goes chat post.

Respect each other.
That means please do not post personal attacks against other users and do not use hate speech of any kind.

This is intended as a mostly for fun community but sometimes serious things might also be posted (example, if someone starts a discussion about their interest in politics, religion, or serial killers!). Try to keep potentially triggering content or anything NSFW under a cut.

Also use a cut if you have more than two images in your post, you can have two non-cut images but please hide the rest for people with slow connections. Also cut large images out of respect for people's pages please!

Tags help people search back posts for interesting things they missed the first time around, so please give the existing tags a browse, and if there isn't one to sum up your post, make up a good one that is kind of succinct. Please try to keep it to no more than two tags per entry.

Mods may change or add tags, but if there is any need or desire for the post itself to be changed in some way, the poster would be contacted rather than a mod just changing a post without warning.

COMM PLUGS ARE 100% TOTALLY OKAY AND COOL HERE. As long as they're non-fandom/interest based, go ahead and plug your fave comm! Interested In That has a super wide scope so please feel free to point the interested to more specific, focused comms! It's appreciated if you do it as part of an interest post (like, "whee here's a post about muffin baking and my fave muffin recipe, and FYI join DWMuffinz it's a comm just for that!") but not a requirement. You don't need to ask about these, just go ahead.

What's a bit more iffy is posting ads/ business plugs/ donation requests. Please ask first, and know that might be something I refuse. Haven't decided whether to ban it outright, but yeah, definitely ask first on that okay y'all? If you post something like that WITHOUT asking, even if it's super legit, I will delete it. thanks!
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